Saturday, June 14, 2014

Book Signing 6/14--Partied Heartily!

The Magical Mystery Book Launch Party for APRIL, MAYBE JUNE, at Lucky Dog Books/Lochwood in Dallas today was a great success!

I'm simply exhausted--my legs are aching from the knees to the tootsies--but I had to post these photos, taken by Hubby with his phone camera. Believe it or not, I didn't even get my purple SureShot out. I am the big photo nerd and I didn't take any!? Ridiculous. But it's true. I was so busy answering questions and talking about publishing, my writing process, why I have two names, and so forth . . . we could hardly keep the food table replenished. I would say it was a great success! Thank you to all who showed up and stayed or just perched with us for a time! See you there again around August 9th for a multi-author party!

No photo could have done this cheese/grapes/berries tray justice. Especially since we snapped this photo as soon as we got the food table set up. It was the Rustic Cheese Tray from Central Market in Plano, the large size, and it was simply FABULOUS! We also had the Cracker Basket that went with it (Carr's Pepper Water Crackers and other stuff). Then the lady who helps with bookstore events brought beautiful strawberries. The mini cupcakes and cookies/brownies went quickly, as well. But this TRAY! I can certainly recommend the Central Market (HEB) catering items.

This is SUCH a fabulous local bookstore! The staff was nicer to us than anyone deserved, and we wish more people would drop by (I left books for sale on top of the counter in the front . . . but you could browse their VAST selection of art books, novels, educational stuff, DVDs, and everything you can imagine, too!) Our fave location is this one in funky East Dallas, but they have an Oak Cliff location and one in Mesquite, as well. So come on down.

I really, REALLY should have had my camera out. But oh well. Sometimes you cope as best you can! Hope to see you at the next signing!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Magical Mystery Book Tour Begins! Launch Party 6/14 in Dallas

Shalanna Collins' Magical Mystery Book Tour! Launch Party-Book Signing 6/14 in Dallas, Texas!

Saturday, June 14th, from 11 AM to 1 PM, there will be a launch party for *APRIL, MAYBE JUNE by Shalanna Collins*, given by Muse Harbor Publishing, held at Lucky Dog Books/Lochwood, 10801 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX 75218, 214/827-4860.

We will have wine (I can't drink it, but why can't you?), cheese tray, appetizers, and cupcakes from the best bakery in Dallas that's right next door (voted by Dallas Observer and D Magazine fans), along with entertainment including the author acting out part of a scene from the book with willing audience participants and (with luck) accompanied by interpretive belly dance troupe. Come one, come all. You'll have the chance to buy the book at a discount or WIN it. Door prizes include tote bags, T-shirts, stationery, gift certificates to Lucky Dog Books, copies of the book, a disposable (ha) video camera, and a few joke gifts. You get a ticket to the drawing just for staying to the end, and you get an extra ticket with each book you buy. Such a deal!

See you there!