Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I weary of the willful ignorance so many citizens are displaying.

Trump's last tweet puts it into focus. The President of the United States attacking his own intelligence agencies in order to defend Russia? How could anyone not see something is wrong here? The Congress declining to investigate the guy who resigned because "we don't investigate our own party"? Ridiculous! They investigated their own party during Watergate. We do not put party before country.

Here are links to the latest "nose-tweaking" that Russia has pulled on the USA. And a discussion of how their own actions seem to show guilt and/or complicity on the part of many legislators (and higher) as far as being Russian puppets. It makes me tired to hear people say that EVERY traditional news media outlet is "fake news," because that simply isn't true. What motive would they have to make themselves non-credible and lose their advertisers along with their position? They are not ALL LYING. The odds against that, especially because citizens take cell phone video and photos at a site and start posting them around social media to begin a story, are enormous. I think you cannot go around saying that Breitbart (which actually IS fake news) is real while ABC, NBC, CNN, PBS, CBS, and *everyone else* are all making it up. This strains credulity.

Anyway . . . .

The Washington Post story on the Russian jets buzzing one of our destroyers. There are photos of this, coming out of the military, so don't tell me this is fake. The Russians want to tweak our noses. I suspect they told their puppets in Washington to do something that they have not yet done, and so this is putting pressure on them. The Russians have some sort of blackmail material, probably obtained through the hacking that Trump double-dared them to do on Clinton's machines . . . they probably hacked the RNC as well as the DNC. The Russians are not dumb! They are dangerous enemies.

A Pentagon report on the flyover buzzing. This is the US military and thus part of the Administration's purview, so you can't say it is "lying fake news."

A Russian "spy ship" seen again by the Pentagon. (This is the second report on this; before they were within OUR waters and going up and down the coast by Washington, DC.) There is a Russian vessel sitting 30 miles off the coast of Long Island right now. That is very alarming. This has not happened since the Cold War days and yet zero response from the White House. The American people have a right to know what is happening to our country. This is the US military and thus part of the Administration's purview, so you still can't say it is "lying fake news."

When is someone going to step up and stop the madness?

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